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How To Clean A Air Mattress? And Related Questions!

So, In this article we will try to answer all your questions on how to clean a air mattress. What things you will need to use for a good job in cleaning your air mattress. To start off, you should clean regular as you use it, after each time or at least once a month. Depending on the amount of times you are using your air mattress.

What do you need to clean a air mattress?


The things you need are really simple and cheap.

  • Mild soapy liquid
  • Water
  • Cloths
  • Bowl or Bucket

How to clean a air mattress the simple way!

First of all, Mix a few drops of soapy liquid with your bowl or bucket of water. Next dampen your cloth and very gently wipe over the surface and sides of your air mattress. Cleaning any dirty marks or mud from outside use. Once you have finished with the cleaning, you must simply let your air mattress dry out properly. Do not ever put it away when it is damp or little wet, as this may cause mould or mildew to build up and make it really smelly.

If you end up with mould, you can use a little white vinegar in your water to remove it. You can make a mix of one cup white vinegar to two cups water. Simply and gently wipe over the surface area with a damp cloth, dipped in the mixture. Next, wipe it over with plain water again, take it outside and let it dry out fully.

How do you clean urine out of an air mattress?

Use both methods above, and once you have left your air mattress to dry out fully. Spay it lightly with a little fre-brezze and again let it dry out fully before you pack it away.

How do you get the smell out of an air mattress?

Due to, a new smell when you purchase a air mattress, this you would just have to wait it out by blowing it up and leaving it out in the air a few times after purchase. It soon goes away… As for smells of urine or for something you may have spilt on your mattress. Simply use the method above of soapy liquid and water and letting it dry out properly and fully. You may have to do this a few time in order to get rid of any really bad smells.

Also, a little trick is to apply some baking soda over the surface area. Leave it to sit for a few minutes, and then you can hoover up the baking soda. Do use a lot of baking soda, just a light sprinkle with do.

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How do I take care of my air mattress?

Taking care of your new or old air mattress is a simple thing to do. First after each use clean it using the methods above. Dry it out fully. Blow it up and check for any marks or pin holes and repair them with patch kits if needed. Pack away and this should keep your air mattress in good condition for many years.

Can you machine wash an air mattress?

No, not a good idea to machine an air mattress. Due to, the materials use for making air mattresses, they would not hold up in washing machine. Also with air mattress that have fitted or built-in pumps. These can not be put in a washing machine, as this would make it useless and you’d be in need for a new mattress.

Can bed bugs live in air mattresses?

Any mattress, can be a home for bedbugs. Air mattresses are made with Plastic, PVC and vinyl, these are not a good place for bedbugs to live. However they can still be present within an air mattress. Cleaning regular is one of the most reliable ways to kill and keep bedbugs away. Store away in a dry place that does not harbour any damp.

Lavender is most hated by bedbugs. This should also help rid places of bedbugs in your home or on your air mattress. Most noteworthy: Lavender can also cause problems with miscarriage in pregnant women. So please be careful if you carrying child.

Does baking soda get rid of urine smell?

As the above methods of how to clean a air mattress. With soapy water and the white vinegar is the easiest way. Using a bit of baking soda may also help remove the smells, but not always.

The use of a little disinfectant may also help rid the smell or urine on your air mattress.

Are air beds toxic?

Being made of Plastic and vinyl PVC. The organic compound from plastic can give of some toxic fumes. Also some air mattresses plastic have or can contain phthalates. These are what causes the odours in new mattresses and take a while to ware off.

You should always let air mattresses stand for a 24-48 hour period before sleep on them.

Is sleeping on an air mattress bad for you?

An Air Mattress is not bad for you to sleep on, as long as you are only using it for a temporary time period. They are not good for long term use, as they can be bad for your spinal back aliments. Also, they can be good for short camping trips or holidays, also great as guest beds. Again these three thing are most of the time short in periods of time.

What can I use instead of an air mattress?

First of all, would be to use a regular bed and mattress. You could also use a sofa bed, these tend to be uncomfortable. If you have the space you could go as far as using a hammock. There are also folding bed or large folding chairs that also pull out just as long as a regular bed.

Tip: Fishing bed chairs are also good to use instead of an air mattress.

Can a dog sleep on an air mattress?

So, can dogs sleep on your air mattress. No, again not a good idea, sharp claws and teeth do not go well on vinyl, plastic or PVC materials. Also, what is a good idea is to always place a cover to the top of any air mattress if you have dogs or cats.

Mattress toppers are good for protecting your air mattresses from dogs and cats claws when they may possibly jump on to greet you. They are also know to sleep on your beds when you go out shopping, so always best to have something for protection.

How can I make my air mattress more comfortable?

How to enhance the comfort of your air mattress. Make sure you are adding top sheets, as some of the air mattress tops are not great for comfort. There are some great mattress toppers out in the market today. Good for protecting and also great to aid in more comfort. Keep your pillows handy as these can also give you more to lean on.

Leaning the air mattress against the wall if it has no headboard fitted can also help support you. You may also want to inflate or deflate a little to aid the firmness or softness. Depending weather you like it firm or softer, test it out with the inflating and deflating to find where you are most comfortable.

What is the toughest air mattress?

Most Durable and Toughest Air Mattresses of 2020

How to clean a air mattress  Best overall: Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed.

How to clean a air mattress when camping   Second Up Toughest: King Koil Twin Air Mattress.

Air bed    Up Third: SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress.

Air mattress with headboard   

Best For Heavy People, This one is UK based only: Sleep Origins Yawn Air-Bed.

What do you put under an air mattress when camping?

You would be good with a thermal mat or some soft thickish foam. As a fisherman I used to use an air mattress for night fishing. (Now I have a fishing bed-chair).

A good trick for me was to use a sheets of foam, like you would use for under wooden flooring. Keeps it a littler warmer and is cheap as chips to buy.

Do air mattresses get cold?

Yes they do get cold, as the air inside gets cooler as the day or night passes. Foam under your air mattress and a mattress topper on the top. Then in-cased with your top sheets covers or sleeping bags you should be good.

What is the best air mattress with built in pump?

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Best overall: USA.

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How to clean a air mattress  

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Englander King Air Mattress. … Click here for the review

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Sleep Origins Yawn Air-Bed with Built-in Pump Headboard. ..Click here for the review

How to clean a air mattress 

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How do I keep my air mattress warm when camping?

There are a few things you can do to keep your air mattress warmer while camping. The use of foam under Neath, helps to stop the ground cold from rising through your air mattress.

Then you can top it off with mattress toppers, which will keep you warmer and add to your comfort too. Some good quality sheets and covers are always good. Blankets and or sleeping bags, now you can also get thermal sleeping bags. A little more expensive but can be worth the extra warmth you are getting. With using blankets, you’d want to use two or three because the more thinner layers used the warmer it would be for you.

Conclusion On How To Clean A Air Mattress.

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