LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress

LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress with Built-In Electric Pump Review!

LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress

Welcome, this is my review of the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress. This article will walk you through the top features and if the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress has any good benefits.

There will also, be some bits on what other people that have purchase before are saying about the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress. We’re going to share with you weather it’s a good air bed mattress to buy, and where you can buy for the best price.

Also, we will let you know about the pro’s and con’s that we find for the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress. Also you can check out more information from the Livivo manufacturers website.

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Review Of The LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress!

So, your looking for an air mattress with great features and a great price. Here are a few of the stand out things about the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress.

First of all, the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress comes in three sizes, the Double, King and the single. The mattress also has a built-in electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. It’s portable and elevated, and is a raised and structured with an Air Coil Technology. This one being designed mainly for our doors usage, and has an inner coil technology to aid the and support the comfort. The top is covered in a nice soft waterproof flocking. The LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress is made from strong and extra thick PVC material, which is non-toxic. The air bed mattress also has it’s own carry bag for easy storage and travelling.

If your looking for a fantastic air bed mattress the we do recommend you check out the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress as it a great choice to buy. By click through here to you be able to see the many reviews from others that have already made a purchase.

LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress Main Features and Benefits!

Main Features

Great for camping because it’s main feature is that it has been built for out door use. Heavy duty and the construction has been built for extra stability, with a raised outer to stop you rolling off during your sleeping hours. If your just here looking for a camping mattress, click through here to see some of our best picks for 2020.

The in-built pump can have it all pumped up and ready for you to sleep in a mere 4 minutes. The deflation time is around the same 4 minutes, plus you need a few minutes to roll it up and pack away. Works great in house for a wonderful guest bed for family and friends staying over.

The LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress is also multi purpose and can be used in the garden. Set up in the living room when guest are over and need some where to sleep on the quick. Can even take it to the beach, go on camping trips. You can take it any where you travel just in case you need a spare.

LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress

Sizes And Dimensions For the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress! 

So, this one is a fair size for a double mattress and has a nice hight for the older person or any one with back troubles.

Approximate Dimensions –

Sizing in cm – 196cm long x 145cm wide x 47cm high. The Sizing in inches – 77 inches long x 57 inches wide x 18.5 inches high. And just to help you out more the sizing in feet – 6.41 feet long x 4.75 feet wide x 1.54 feet high.

Weigh Capacity for the air bed mattress!

So, the weight capacity limit on the air mattress is around 295kg. So, the weight limit in stones is around 46.45st. For a double size mattress this is a fair amount and should give you some strong strength in the mattress.

If you click through here you’ll also be able to check the sizing and weight limits over on for the King and the Single too. Along with many more of the listed features and what other have to say about it to.

Pro’s and Con’s Of The LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress! 

May be before you go over to you may what to read a few more bits. So, we all like to know the good, bad and the ugly when making a purchase for something. Here’s a small list to help you make a better purchasing decision before buying.


  • Great for taking on holidays.
  • Extremely comfortable and strong.
  • Very easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Well made and great value for money.


  • Noisy when you move, wake you up some times.
  • Puncture kit is useless
  • With the raised side not being designed very well.
  • Customer service is not to good.

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Customer And User Opinion Of The LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress!

Most of what we found, was people that have purchased are happy in doing so, however there is a few that wear not happy. Some, have said that it leaks on the first night and don’t hold air very well. Others have said it punctures very easy and the repair kit is not much cop. Needing to use extra clue to make it hold.

Also, some have said it is noisy when turning over or moving around. The overall ones who are happy, say it’s very firm and comfortable. Easy to use and makes a great travelling or guest bed. A lot of people say the hight is just right to get in and out of, and good for others with bad backs.

The Double fits well with standard double sheets without the need of mattress toppers, as it’s comfort is so good.

Check out the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress by clicking through here to… See the top listed features and more on what others are saying about it.

LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress Summary And Verdict!

The star ratings comes in at 4.1 out of 5 stars. The overall 66% being given for the 5 stars. So, the drop down at 1 star is only 13% given. We are placing this one at number 6 for our overall best choice Air Mattress. Mostly because it’s mainly used as a camping mattress, which can be use in house to. We feel there are better options for the indoor air mattress.

We still highly recommend the LIVIVO Air Bed Mattress if your going on a camping trip, it’s a great and fantastic choice. You can also check the links below for alternative options. You’ll also, be able to check out our number 1 top choice of air mattress reviews below too.

By clicking here you’ll be able to go straight to and make your purchase for the best deals and discounts we can get you. Check out more of the features and thing people are saying too.

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