King Koil Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump Review

King Koil Twin Air MattressLet’s Kick off this King Koil Twin Air Mattress Review with what we are going to share with you. The top features along with the top benefits of the King Koil Twin Air Mattress.

There will be customer and user likes and dislikes. The Pro’s and Con’s of the air Mattress and our ratings on the King Koil Twin Air Mattress.

Finally, we will share related reviews of other Air Mattresses for you to also take a read through.

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Overall Rating And Review Of  The King Koil Twin Air Mattress!

Our over all ratings for the King Koil Twin Air Mattress comes in at a high 4.5 stars out of 5.

Looks very nice too, it’s a great construction for and rated as a guest bed. Also comes in as very very comfortable, firm and is very stable. Quit a high bed to, which in-turn makes it easier to get on and off of the Twin Air Mattress. The high speed pump is rated to have the mattress inflated with in about 90 seconds. WOW that’s fast for an air mattress, well compared to it’s competitors out there.

King Koil Mattresses has Enhanced Coil Technology which provides the extra support you need in an Air Mattress.

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King Koil Twin Air Mattress With Built-in Pump Features and Benefits.

First and forth most, This one comes with a full 1 years warranty from the manufacturers. This is unlike many others Air Mattresses Brands out there. So, there is Soft flocking added to the top layer and sides for extra extreme comfort. Along with a built-in pillow. Also has the added benefit of an extra thick waterproof comfort quilt top.

Coil-Beam Construction this allows for extra spinal support while sleeping and resting. This gives and advantage for good posture, which is always good for your back. Also keeps the firmness and shape of your Air Mattress for much longer.

Size and Dimensions

King Koil Air Mattress

Twin Mattress size is small on the width for a twin – 76 inches long x 38 inches wide x 20 inches high. These Measurements in feet are – 6 feet 3 inches long x 3 feet 1 inch x 1 foot 6 inches. This twin is more the size for a single bed. Another little benefit for the Twin Air Mattress, it also has and comes with a puncture patch kit. Where many of the other brands do not.

The Internal pump is built to be high speed and will inflate your Twin Air Mattress in as little as 90 seconds. Mainly the King Koil Air Mattress is for home use only and great for staying guest or relatives. Can also be used for camping trips. However make sure you have sheets or padding underneath before blowing it up. You never know when stones or other sharp objects get under there.

Firmness and softness

Simply inflate to full capacity see how firm it feels and if its to much. Deflate a little to find your comfort spot, Easy! It’s all been finished off with a nice sueded top, and the added benefit for this also helps to keep all bedding in place while you enjoy your sleep.

The King Coil Manufacturers are also the only ones to be recognised and endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to help proper spinal alignment. Rest assured for the perfect nights sleep on the Twin Air Mattress. Buy Now!

Weight Capacity

The King Koil Twin Air Mattress has the weight limit of up to 350lbs. This measures out to around 25 stone, Great for a single, but not to sure for the Twin size.

Pro’s and Con’s Of King Koil Twin Air Mattress

We haven’t found many con’s for the Twin Air Mattress, apart from being a little small for the Twin Seize. Customer Service team seem to be really good and helpful, and fast with replacements when needed.


  • Full Years Warranty.
  • Great Customers Service and Team.
  • Defective Air Beds are Replaced Quickly.
  • Top Sides Are Really Nice and High.


  • Small For A Twin Air Mattress.
  • Dose Not Hold Air In Some Cases.

Customer And User Opinions Of Twin Air Mattress

As a result There is 76% 5 star ratings for the Twin Air Mattress and only 7% for the 1 star ratings.

From a bad experience to excellent treatment, as the first Twin Air Mattress was a total night mare. Inflattion was fine, but by morning was almost on the floor. Making contact to the King Koil Manufacturers customer service team, Replacement was sent right away and had no problems since.

Extremely Comfortable for the larger person at 6 foot 3 and 260lbs, it was firm and the comfort is amazing. Easy to inflate and super fast, the mattress is nice and firm too. There are a couple of customers saying it loses air within the first few nights. Others say it’s just great and a piece of cake to use with the pump being super fast. The Twin Air Mattress also packs away nice and neat in the supplied handy carry bag.

One has had problems with the inflation and pump not working in the right way. As the valve was not turning properly and with difficulty. Along with some electrical arcing and sparks he could see from inside the vents once the pump was turn on. Over all most are saying it is good and comfortable and not had many problems with the King Koil Mattress.

You can see the customer reviews on and check out the King Koil Twin Air Mattress for yourself here!

Summary And Verdict Of Twin Air Mattress!

Coming to the conclusions that the King Koil Twin Mattress is a great choice for an air mattress, but just a little small on the Twin model. Therefore you may want to go for the California King as they call it, or May be the Queen size for that little bit more.

So, there is also an option of two colours in Black or Cream, this is available on all the sizes too, Twin, Queen and King. Also are some nice features to this one with the super fast Internal Pump. Flocking top and sides with extra thick waterproof layer. Along with the King Coil-Beam Construction Technology for proper Spinal Alignment.

Great Customer Service team to help out when needed. I like this because you always stand a much better response of back up when buying thing from top Brands. What is also very good is the full 1 years warranty from the King Koil Manufacturers. Also endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association, A great added bonus, showing they care about their Brand…

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