Englander King Air Mattress

Englander King Air Mattress Review, First Ever Microfiber!

Englander King Air MattressHello and Welcome, Great to have you here checking out this review of the Microfiber Englander King Air Mattress.

Here there will be a complete walk through of all the top features and benefits of the Englander King Air Mattress. Along with customer views and opinions, some pro’s and con’s, dislikes and likes.

The star rating for the Englander King Air Mattress, and the rating we give for the Air Mattress ourselves.

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Overall Ratings And Review Of Englander First Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress

First of all, The Englander King Air Mattress Manufacturers are the only Air Mattress Brand/company to offer a FULL 5 YEAR WARRANTY with all of their Air Mattresses.

This King Air Mattress is coming in with great results and all round a wonderful Air Mattress. Top of the line and the very best in high quality. Size of this king is huge and the Microfiber is second to none for quality.

Some Air Mattress are fairly heavy too, however the Englander King comes in at being very light and easy to move around if needed.

The pump is stated to fully inflate the Air bed within 90 seconds – 2 minutes and folds down very well for the size of it. Fits neat and tidy away in the carry bag, which is always great for storing or travelling.

Exterior is fully covered in the Mircofiber Flocking and as of yet the only Brand to do so.

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Englander King Air Mattress Top Features and Benefits!

Of cause the Manufacturers are fully backing the Englander King Air Mattress, because of the long 5 year warranty they are giving. Not any other brands are doing this as we know of so far, for us this gives a huge advantage to them.

The Microfiber silky soft flocking stands to make the air mattress a lot stronger and durable for the King Air Mattress. This also gives 20% more to the puncture resistance and 20% more abrasion. Plus the added benefit to have 30% more tensile strength.

Microfiber Thermo-Regulating

The Microfiber is also thermo-regulating, keeping you nice and warm in the winter and nice and chilled in the summer. There is also welded seams providing extra strength on the whole Englander King Air Mattress. Only weighting in at 12.8lbs makes it a lot lighter than it’s other competitors out there.

The high out put pump on the Englander King Air Mattress also means it’s faster than most on the market today! Stated is that the King air mattress is designed to feel like a normal mattress. With the aim to keep you more comfortable and sleeping through the nigth just like a regular bed would.

Nothing but high quality materials have been use in the creation of the Englander Mattress.

Included is the reinforced coil beam construction, adding to the strength and to keep your air mattresses lasting year after year. Never losing is shape and becoming saggy or deformed like many others. Simple to care for, along with the microfiber being waterproof also making the Englander King Air Mattress great for everyday use. Travelling, Camping, or just a nice simple guest bed.

Premium Customer Service with phone numbers left inside your product boxes when delivered. You can call them with any questions or problems and they will sort it right away.

Having been made with raised side, this is designed to stop the slipping of sheet through the night.

Size And Dimensions

Englander King Air MattressFirst of all, the inside measurements on the King are of a regular Air Mattress. There is and extra 4 inches added with the rounded raised side for the Mattress making it a large Air Mattress.

Coming in at full size of – 84 inches long x 72 inches wide x 20 inches high, This is a huge Air Mattress. Your sizes in feet – 7 feet Long x 6 feet wide x 1 foot 8 inches.

Weight Capacity

Most Air Mattresses can hold around 300/500lbs Max. Now, the Englander is so much stronger and give a Max weight capacity of 800lbs WOW! In Stone this comes out to around 57 stone WOW.

Enough for two 25 stone persons and a bit more…

Color Choices are Black or Brown – In all sizes to King, Twin and Queen

This one is defiantly worth taking a look at. Jump over to Amazon.com right now To check it out!

Pro’s and Con’s Of The Englander King Air Mattress! 

The good and the bad must always account for something when you looking out at reviews on the thing you’re looking to purchase. Now there is a couple bad points for this one, however the good ones easy way out the bad for the Englander King Air Mattress by far.


  • First Ever Microfiber King Air Mattress.
  • 5 Year Warranty From Manufacturers.
  • Great Stability and Support from the Coil Beam Construction.
  • Larger Size Than Most Other King Air Mattresses.
  • Lightweight and Huge Weight Capacity Of 800lbs.
  • Easy to Carry and Store.
  • Good Value Of Money For The Price.
  • Premium Customer Service


  • Little bit loud and noisy when rolling over.
  • Some Con’s for air loss through the night.
  • One with a defected pump, But Mattress was replaced by manufacturers.

As you can see here way more good than bad. Get it now on Amazon.com!

Customer And User Opinions Of The Englander King Air Mattress!

There are some very strong opinions on the Englander King Air Mattress for being a great bed, very comfortable, super strong.

The Air Mattress blows up to a size just as big as a real sized bed, it is very large and feels like it’s built like a tank. Seems super strong and the Microfiber silky top is just lovely. Has no odour, just that new smell and gone with the hour of opening and blowing it up. Which is also super fast, like 2 minutes 35 seconds.

The manufacturers also say to add a top up of air after the first night or 24 hour. Just to keep if firm after the first stretching of the Air Mattress. However this was not needed and has been up for weeks now and only a couple of air top ups.

Been sleeping on this one for three weeks now with not one problem, only top it up twice so far. As for your sheet, fitted is a must as there is nowhere to tuck normal sheets in.

Great bed and great customer service.

When it arrived was happy as shipping was fast, However the nightmare begins when first pump it up. The Pump was broken and no air was really coming out from it. Wouldn’t hold any air and kept deflating. Customer service sent out a new one under the warranty and said it may of just been a defected pump.

The kids love it, and now won’t sleep on anything else. We also find it large and comfortable to sleep on with lot of space around us. Air can be added or let out to find the right firmness for you.

Get it now on Amazon.com!

Summary And Verdict Of The Englander King Air Mattress! 

Star rating stands at 4.5 out of 5 star for the Englander King Air Mattress. 77% being 5 stars and a mere 7% standing at just 1% stars…

If you’re looking for a great king size air mattress, we recommend going for the Englander King Air Mattress. This is a fantastic choice being strong comfortable and lightweight it’s great for the home or as a guest bed. Can even be good for long camping trips.

Looking at the reviews on Amazon.com about the Englander King Air Mattress you’ll see why it’s a best seller and is very popular brand of Air Mattress.

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