Bestway Tritech Airbed

Bestway Tritech Airbed Mattress, Raised Queen Review!

Bestway Tritech Airbed

So, starting out in this review, we will completely walk you through all of the main features and benefits of the Bestway Tritech Airbed. Along with it’s pro’s and con’s we have found.

Also, we are going to let you know what others that have purchased before are saying about the Bestway Tritech Airbed.

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Review Of The Bestway Tritech Airbed!

First of all, the Bestway Tritech Airbed Queen is built to a high standard and high quality along with being the second best seller over on… There are raised side and indented lines that run along the surface allow you great comfort and a good nights sleep. The raised side are built-in to aid you from failing or rolling off during the night.

So, this is going to be saving you on money, the Bestway Queen Tritech Airbed also has a built-in pump for inflation and deflation. All pumped up and ready to sleep in under 5 minutes. The material is made using PVC with the top surface area being made from a soft flocking. Also the inside is made using the tritech internal beam construction, the same as a few others on the market. Tritech construction is used for extra comfort and giving the airbed more durability and support.

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Features and Benefits For The Bestway Queen Tritech Airbed!

Main Features…

Due to, the fact of coming built-in with it’s own internal pump and only takes five minutes to have the Bestway Queen Tritech Airbed set up. This makes it great for a guest airbed or spare. Also great if you’re moving home and waiting for furniture to arrive and need something to sleep on fast.

Also, comes with it’s pillow built in so you don’t need to use your own. We have found on other models, these airbed with built-in pillows seem to be a little on the low side. (Best to use your own as well). Tritech Internal beam construction is becoming more and more popular these days and rightly so. Great for they keep better form and shape, stay firmer and are a lot more comfortable.

Benefits Of The Airbed

The benefits to owning an Bestway Airbed is – they are fast to set up, comfortable to sleep on and great for a spare when needed. If you’re in to camping holidays these provide you with a lot of luxury and great fun for the kids when in the tents. Great for space saving in the home, even good if you need to save while on a budget. The Bestway Airbed also has a puncture repairs kit included. (Just incase the worst happens)…

Sizes And Dimensions…

This one is about standard for a Queen sized mattress. Here are the product dimensions in cm 203 x 152 x 56 cm and in feet and inches for you old school folks reading this review.

Product dimensions in feet & inches – 6.6 feet long x 4.9 feet wide x 1.8 high – As you can see here a nice hight and length, a little small on the width.

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Bestway Tritech Airbed Queen

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Weight Capacity Of The Bestway Tritech Airbed…

The weight limit for the Bestway Tritech Airbed is set at around 661lbs = 47 stones.

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Pro’s and Con’s Of The Bestway Tritech Airbed Mattress…

We couldn’t find many con’s on this one and the pro’s defiantly out way the con’s.


  • Great Quality.
  • Very comfortable and firm.
  • Heavy Duty Puncture Repair Kit.
  • Carry Bag Included.
  • Tritech Beam Construction.
  • Free Shipping.


  • Pump is Slow
  • Leaks around the valve area.

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Customer And User Opinion Of The Bestway Tritech Airbed…

So, for the Bestway Tritech Airbed we found it’s high quality and very well made. No one has had many problems with it so far. Due to, a couple with a leaking defected valve and slow on the inflation times. They return and got replacments.

Also, has only 2 reviews left by other people who have purchased and both say it’s great and very comfortable. So, theres not much on the star ratings. However this one has 5 out of 5 stars and as this is only for the 2 reviews left.

Airbed Review Summary And Verdict!

We do however still place this product second for the best sellers via us and As there are others who have purchased the Bestway Tritech Airbed and with no complaints we highly recommend it.

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